Are Apps Transforming Your Business?

The Solution

If you want mobile apps to make a meaningful impact on your business and users, start by learning how to pick the right apps. The App Roadmap Workshop teaches your team how to identify apps that support your organizational goals, solve relevant problems, and deliver a high Return on App (ROA). We're excited to drive mobile-led business transformation as an Apple mobility partner.


Turbocharge Your App Velocity

Turbocharge Your App Velocity

Go from “zero” to “hero” app ideas in just one day, while avoiding “app traps” that suck away time and money.

Justify Your Mobile Spending

Justify Your Mobile Spending

Our exclusive workshop app creates shareable financial reports that can convert app doubters into believers.

Become Master of Your App Domain

Become Master of Your App Domain

Our workshop teaches you to be fully self-sufficient, so you can grow your in-house team of app experts.

Align Your App Dream Team

Align Your App Dream Team

By bringing your key players together, they can rally around a plan your entire company can buy into.

End the Nightmare of Failed Apps

End the Nightmare of Failed Apps

Is your company struggling with mobile? We’ll give you the tools and key insights to get back on track.

Leapfrog Your Competition

Leapfrog Your Competition

Learn how to look beyond “obvious apps” and uncover hidden “app gems” that can drive incredible returns.

The Story

Bob is the Director of the Mobile Center of Excellence at a large global manufacturing company.
Bob is stuck: His company’s executives have a mobile plan, but it’s a mess: Lots of conflict, confusion, and lack of results. How can he fix this?
It starts with the right apps. That’s what the App Roadmap Workshop delivers. If you want Bob to succeed with mobile, he needs me today!
I’m a one-day workshop that teaches leaders like Bob the best way to uncover transformational apps: Apps that can improve workflows by up to 90 percent!
Bob asks, why do I need that? The list of apps his company needs is obvious: That’s why the MCOE was created.
Bob needs me because half of businesses we’ve surveyed aren’t breaking even on apps. Even worse, some companies aren’t measuring success.
These companies are pouring money into the wrong apps, or pushing ahead without a roadmap everyone agrees on.
I make sure your apps are built for the right reasons, provide real returns and include a definition of success.
This workshop takes just one day to complete! Bob just needs to bring his team of IT and business leads together to make that commitment.
The workshop is powered by an exclusive iPad app that lets everyone share and collaborate.
Bob shares the app roadmap with his team, showing where to start.
Bob can now use iPads to transform enterprise workflows, drive real returns and succeed with mobile, thanks to the App Roadmap Workshop!

Workshop Structure

This interactive process brings 5-15 IT and business leaders from your organization together for hands-on learning about how to select and prioritize the right apps. The cost starts at $25,000.


Introduction to why mobile matters
Get a better understanding of why mobile is making a big impact for business and review success stories.

Agreement on strategic goals
Align key stakeholders around the quantifiable metrics that will drive your business forward.

How to map a workflow
Review the workflows that support your strategic goals. Select one and define all the steps in the process, end-to-end.

How to identify workflow issues
Walk through the workflow in detail to uncover issues that waste resources.

How to generate app concepts
Brainstorm app concepts to address identified issues. Define what the app does, for whom, and why.

Calculating your Return on App (ROA)
Calculate the financial impact of each app as one of its measures for success.

Scoring your apps
Rate each app on a series of key criteria, like difficulty to implement and user adoption, along with the ROA.

App roadmap
The output of this process is a prioritized roadmap of the top 3-5 apps you should focus on first.

The App

The workshop is guided by an intuitive app that captures each team’s collaborative work and helps generate an App Roadmap Report that can be used to communicate a plan to management or other key stakeholders. Participants can continue using the app as part of their roadmap planning after the workshop.
2015 Tabby Awards Nominee


At the workshop's conclusion, your team will have a prioritized roadmap of the top 3-5 apps you should focus on first, complete with success criteria and projected return.

There are two reasons this workshop is different from other strategic app planning services.

  1. A list of prioritized app concepts isn't the only objective. We want you to learn the proven process for how to pick the right apps, empowering you to examine additional workflows using the app after the workshop ends and to apply the process throughout your organization.
  2. Organizations using this process achieve returns like:
    • + 300% increase in closed sales
    • + 60% time reduction for key production process
    • + 95% time reduction for key sales workflow.



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